Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Can Always Come Back

Good old fashioned, home-made lens flare. I don't use the commercial stuff.


  1. Better get down off that high horse, Saunders! I use a completely separate program to get my lens flares JUST right. Nice work. I would like to see Romney treated a little differently, hard to explain. Maybe like a 2 value treatment or something. He just seems to get a bit lost for me. I know this guy that does a lot of ghostly background characters, do you want me to get you two talking?

  2. I tried a couple of different things for Mitt. He kept interfering with the focus. I came to terms with this although it may change. AND my lens flares are home grown. No preservatives or additives. It's Mee-Maw Sanders' lens flare family recipe.