Thursday, June 17, 2010

Threnody Island Citizens

Well I can't  quite understand why, but the folks of Threnody Island can take refuge in the embrace of their God, who does not have a name. The deity sends them clues to answer the long awaited question, "Why are we on this tiny, isolated island, and why can't we seem to build functional boats? "  They seem happy otherwise. They are a respectful, diverse, pleasant island community. It is unfortunate that they're all plagued with this mystery. 

The clues that their creator sends them are things like rugs, frisbees, barrels of matching shirts, and a large screw in this case. These all wash up on their shore on random instances. On the island they have a saying, "It all means something large". It all actually means nothing. But that is my opinion. Either way, the people of Threnody Island now own it, and it means much more to them. 

It may all seem laughable, but they take it very seriously.

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